We Are The Impact Agency

It’s About Team

The Impact Agency has the infrastructure to enable your family to succeed.

It’s About New Paths

The Impact Agency can confidently transition you from THEN… to NOW.

It’s About the Agent

The Impact Agency puts the Agent first by offering the highest comp in the industry, vested renewals day one, and free training.

It’s About Generations

The Impact Agency can create financial peace-of-mind that spans generations.

It’s About Security

The Impact Agency has always been about families… from the very beginning.

It’s About the Client

The Impact Agency puts the Client first by teaching every agent that works with us how to effectively improve the situation of every client they meet with.

Our Mission

Company Overview

Our mission at The Impact Agency, is to make the families we protect and the families of our agents our number one priority. Trust and loyalty is not given it is earned and all of us at The Impact Agency will give everything we have to earn it with our clients and our agents.

We specialize in mortgage protection life insurance, final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies, and retirement protection through the use of fixed index annuities. We have multiple insurance carriers inclusive of Americo, Mutual of Omaha, and various others that we work with in order to be able to meet all the client’s needs.

Agent Overview

We believe that every full-time agent that works with us should net a minimum of $100,000 a year. This is the reason we offer very competitive contracts and strong renewals on multiple products. We want our agents helping more families than they ever dreamed possible, while also being allowed to enjoy their lives with their own families while achieving financial independence.

We want our agents helping more families than they ever dreamed possible

If you truly enjoy helping families and believe that you deserve to be paid what you are worth then The Impact Agency will probably be a very good fit for you whether it is part-time or full time.

Our Team

Jermaine Clifford


Jermaine Clifford got his start in the life insurance industry with Family First Life in June of 2017. At that point in time he was working a full time sales job and rideshare driving for another 40 hours per week.

With no life insurance sales experience he plunged into the FFL system. Within with 7 months he grossed over $160,000. With that success as a launching pad FFL The Impact Agency was founded in 2018.

Now that he’s mastered the Family First Life system it’s time to pay it forward. As President of the Agency he coaches and mentors highly motivated individuals who aren’t afraid to work hard for their goals. His mission is to help as many people as possible make a six figure income

Jermaine lives in the metro Atlanta area with his wife, Tanica and daughters Mikaela and Mia. As a family they love to travel & enjoy the outdoors whether in GA or on a beach in Florida.

Tanica Clifford

Managing Partner

Tanica is Family First Life The Impact Agency’s Managing Partner. She was introduced to the life insurance industry back in 2017 when her husband and Agency President, Jermaine Clifford, started his career with Family First Life. At the time she was building her career in the hospitality industry with a major hotel chain while managing the busy schedule and finances of her family.

She joined the agency initially to help Jermaine manage all of the appointments, late nights, early mornings, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It soon became evident that her strong background in leadership, customer service, and sales would be an asset to grow the agency. Helping to manage an organization that helps shape the financial future of others is truly a blessing.

She enjoys raising their two beautiful and intelligent daughters, who dream of becoming business owners just like their parents. When not hard at work she is traveling, making memories with her family and giving back to her community.

Desiree Stoute

VP of Operations

Desiree oversees all facets of operations for Family First Life The Impact Agency. She brings 25 years of customer service, sales, marketing and operations management experience to her role as the VP of Operations.  She enjoys developing others, and has a recognized passion for sharing ideas and helping build a business with bright energetic professionals.

She is the CEO of Team Bradybunch, a very blended family with two daughters and a son in college and her youngest in high school.  Two of her kids are collegiate athletes, and she enjoys going to all of their games and cheering them on.  She loves to travel with her husband, explore new restaurants, and drink fine wine.  As a family they give back to their community by helping those who cannot help themselves.

Gio Lopez

Sr. Manager/Field Underwriter

Gio is a life insurance Broker, Field Underwriter, and Retirement Preservation Specialist here at Family First Life. He specializes in Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Life Insurance, Asset Protection, Retirement Income Planning, Estate Planning, and Retirement Protection.